Healthcare Dive recently asked Redirect Health Co-founder Paul Johnson to share his healthcare outlook for 2016. In the article, Paul touches on alternative and convenient 


January 23, 2016 by Redirect Health

Obamacare rules and regulations have left many contractors confused and overwhelmed. To help dispel myths and educate contractors about their healthcare options, Redirect Health is taking part in the “Members Supporting Members” speaker series with the American Subcontractors Association of Arizona (ASA).

On Feb. 17 at 7:30am, Co-founder Paul Johnson will present “$0 Cost Obamacare: How Contractors Can Reduce Healthcare Spending While Providing Their Workforces with Better Service.” He will explain how contractors can use a self-insurance model as an alternative to traditional and often costly health insurance plans.

To learn more about the presentation or register, visit the ASA.