Redirect Health’s Growth a Strong Indicator of Industries’ Need to Control Healthcare Costs While Meeting ACA Requirements 


January 21, 2016 by Redirect Health

Construction, hospitality and agriculture industries flocking to understandable, affordable healthcare solution that helps them avoid federal penalties, offer better care

Under pressure to offer healthcare coverage to avoid devastating Affordable Care Act penalties, the construction, hospitality and agriculture sectors are turning to Redirect Health to improve the quality of healthcare, protect employees from rising costs and guard companies’ revenues while maintaining compliance.

Redirect Health, which helps employers and their brokers build health care plans using a self-insurance model, saw exponential growth in 2015. The company doubled its existing client base and experienced a rare occurrence: 100-percent employer renewal rate.

Buoyed by overwhelming support from entrepreneurial sectors, Arizona-based Redirect Health also expanded its footprint to Washington, California, Texas, Oregon, Alaska and New Mexico. Nationwide expansion is underway.

“Employers are beginning to understand they have options in light of Obamacare. If the traditional insurance model doesn’t work for you, you don’t have to use it,” said Dr. David Berg, co-founder of Redirect Health. “There are alternative solutions that could help you compete better in your market and industry. Our EverydayCareTM is an excellent foundation for most small- and medium-sized companies to start with.”

Starting this year, the ACA mandates that companies with 50+ full-time employees must offer healthcare, leaving many organizations – especially those that haven’t traditionally offered healthcare – clamoring to find a solution that fits their budgets.

Redirect Health offers an alternative to traditional health insurance that’s ideal for organizations with a large number of support-level employees. It pioneered a new low-cost and compliant solution, EverydayCare™ that addresses the majority of peoples’ routine healthcare needs, such as treatment of coughs, colds, diabetes, asthma, pain, injury and other common ailments.

Redirect Health’s plans start at less than $100 monthly per employee. The employer can cover that cost, the employee can, or a combination thereof (as explained in this video). Costs are kept low without sacrificing quality because the company ‘redirects’ a patient’s care through the most efficient, cost-effective route. For instance, certain procedures performed at a hospital can be redirected to a nearby clinic for a small fraction of the cost.

To request care, members contact Redirect Health 24/7/365 to speak with a care logistics specialist who quickly evaluates healthcare needs, collects necessary information and identifies the most efficient route for treatment. About 60 percent of all visits can be handled by a doctor over the phone, and the need for a doctor’s appointment (and the associated cost and time away from work) is eliminated.

“Most employers think they can’t afford the quality care and convenience their employees need. Or, they’re confused about government mandates. Redirect Health gives me lot more control than I’ve ever had. It actually gives me a competitive advantage. Now healthcare works for me, not the other way around,” said Geoff Stanisic, owner of YC’s Mongolian Grill.

Redirect Health finds most companies save between 10 and 30 percent of total health claim costs.

“Redirect Health’s focus is always on strategically and systematically eliminating waste and unnecessary administration that’s rampant and profitable in today’s health care system, and providing companies with an easy-to-understand solution that won’t rip into their profits,” added Berg. “We make sure that savings are passed back to the employer – rather than the system.”