Study Needed For High Chemo Costs In Hospitals? 


April 28, 2016 by Redirect Health

A new study that came out from the Health Care Cost Institute finds chemotherapy costs are higher if your oncologist works for a healthcare system, rather than is her or her own practice.

This is awesome that we are starting to question the pricing and overpricing in healthcare. The obvious

questions that come to my mind are: didn’t we already know this? Why did we need to spend more money and time on researching something we already know? And, finally, what other things are we spending money on in healthcare research where the money would have had greater impact someplace else?

When business owners do things, we focus on real action. Let us write our own healthcare checks for just one day so we see the price differentials between places of service and we’ll know what to do every time. Minimal research is needed to know that MRIs cost $2,000+ in a hospital and $400 across the street, or that an antibiotic costs $10 at one store and $900 at another.

By focusing on relevant common sense strategy, any business in America can have healthcare working very well and very inexpensively. No research needed.

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