Free Healthcare for You & Your Family

Not only do we believe healthcare should be simple and affordable for our plan members, but for our team members and their families too! At Redirect Health you can stop worrying about large medical expenses and remove the burden and stress of healthcare costs coming out of your paycheck.

Employee Benefits

You’re helping us change healthcare for the better, so we want to take care of you and your loved ones. Here are the benefits you’ll receive when you join the Redirect Health Team.

Free Healthcare for Your Family

Short-Term Disability

Competitive Pay

Dental / Vision

401k/Life Insurance

Vacation Time

Sick Time

Free Tele-Counseling Visits

Free Chiropractic Visits

We Love it Here & So Will You

We love to celebrate our team whenever we can! We bring fun activities and events to our teams, designed to bring excitement both in and outside of the office.

Company Values with YOU in Mind

Our promise is to always put people first. Our company values ensure we’re constantly seeking new ways to make your healthcare journey simple and complete.


OBSESS over people

Always Helpful & Friendly
More than anything, our goal is to put people first, ensuring they get the care they need while leaving a lasting, positive impression. Our team is always on the lookout to find ways to go the extra mile.


DETEST waste

Remove Unnecessary Waste & Administration
Waste, unnecessary oversight and a sea of paperwork prevent people from receiving affordable care. This is not a system that puts people first. Our team seeks to right this system, so everyone can get the right care at the right price.


SUCCEED as a team

No Lone Wolf Experts
We work as a team to ensure everyone receives the exceptional care they deserve. We’ve created a culture of cooperation that promotes teamwork and unity to deliver the very best care.


Start with a YES

This is Our Value Statement
When you contact us, your care starts with, “Yes, we can help.” Our goal is to deliver a truly amazing customer experience in each interaction; one that surprises and leaves people feeling happy and cared for.



Entrepreneurial & Innovative
We encourage our team to always seek new and more efficient ways to deliver exceptional healthcare. To that end, we are always seeking to learn and improve to better serve our members.


OWN it to Completion

We’re Done When YOU Say We Are
No matter what it is we are helping our members with or are working on, we always want to see it through to the end. We are only done when YOU feel that the situation is fully taken care.

Join our Team

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