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Care Navigation

Specialty Medical Care at a Fair Price


24-hour Concierge

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Direct Primary Care

Primary Care and Wellness Office Visits



Most Routine



12 Visits per Plan Year


Prescription Support

Meaningful discounts on prescription drugs

Exclusive Pricing

Redirect Health is shielding its members from the hassle, confusion, and complexities of the broken healthcare system

The healthcare system is broken and confusing, but Redirect Health has figured out how to navigate the complexity to make it simple and affordable. When you need medical care, the Redirect Health CareLogistics team gives you a simple playbook, which will help you confidently get healthy while avoiding visits, minimizing hassle, and saving thousands.

Mobile tele-health application


Your Doctor is
Always on Call

Communicate securely with a member of our CareLogistics™ team, anytime, anywhere.

English & Spanish
Phone | Text | Video

  • Telemedicine
  • Diagnosis
  • Care Planning
  • Prescription Support
  • Schedule an appointment
  • Mobile Devices & Desktop

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Affordable Alternatives to Traditional Health Insurance

Based on a Family of 5 with oldest member aged 45


Traditional Insurance1


iEverydayCARE + Sedera ACCESS (1500 IUA)

Cost of Plan per month
Family Out of Pocket Max
24/7/365 Teleheath Service
Fair Price Navigation
Centralized EMR Health Records
Copay for Primary Care Visits
FREE Chiropractic Office Visits
12 per plan year
12 per plan year
50% Coinsurance
Most Routine at $0
Sharable after IUA
Care Navigation2
Sharable after IUA
Urgent Care
Care Navigation2
Sharable after IUA
Emergency Room Service
50% Coinsurance
Care Navigation2
Sharable after IUA
Hospital Care
50% Coinsurance
Care Navigation2
Sharable after IUA
Discount Program
Sharable with a Need
Benefit Summary Benefit Summary

Things Happen...

Surgeries, MRIs, having babies, and major illnesses or injuries can be expensive.

We partner with Sedera4 cost share to cover catastrophic events!

Our Guarantees

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We are so sure you'll love iEverydayCARE, we back it with a money-back guarantee.

Price Protection Guarantee

Our members always get the best price for their care.

On-Time Appointment Promise

We value your time, so you'll never have to wait more than 15 minutes to see your doctor.

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  1. 1 Based on quote from Oscar Classic Silver Plan for Phoenix, AZ on 07/08/19.
  2. 2 Care navigation finds the fair price for the service(s) you need. Cost is 100% member responsibility.
  3. 3 Out-of-pocket max based on needs per year. 3 max per year for individual. 5 max per year for family.
  4. 4 Sedera Medical Cost Sharing is not insurance and is not issued or offered by an insurance company. While every effort is made to meet member’s medical needs, Sedera does not guarantee payment of any medical expense.