Making it Easy to Ask for Help

Receiving a diagnosis can be scary and overwhelming and it is important to seek out support when you need it. To help you feel prepared and ready to take on treatment or recovery, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to tap into your support system.

Support From Redirect Health
  • We make it easy to get most out of your plan by simply contacting us in the app if you ever have a question

  • We help analyze your medical history and risks so you can stay on top of your preventative care

  • We provide an expert 2nd opinion from our Chief Medical Officer in the case of a medical diagnosis

  • We offer unlimited no-cost tele counseling to work through the mental toll that can come with a difficult diagnosis

Support From Your Community
  • Provides emotional support while working through treatment or recovery

  • Runs errands or helps with household chores that you may be unable to do after receiving a diagnosis

  • Can help drive you to and from appointments in the case you are unable

  • Can provide financial help in the case you are unable to work or need help paying bills

Asking for Help Doesn't Have to be Difficult

Did you receive a difficult diagnosis or need help during a recovery? We are providing a way to make asking for help easy. Simply put together a list of the type of help you need from physical, emotional, to financial, and share it with your support system.

How You Can Get Started

Build your own personalized registry
Add items and to-dos to your registry
Share your registry with friends & family

What is the WiTT Fund?

Friends and family can always donate personally to you through your registry, but did you know they can also make tax deductible donations to the WiTT Fund? Donations made through the fund can go to any patients who have a registry account and may not go to just your friend or family member.


Prioritize Yourself

Remember that you matter, and going through a difficult treatment or recovery can be challenging, but we are in this together. Your support system wants to help but may not know what you need. Now you can organize all the items you need help with while making it easy to share with family and friends who are there for you.