Case Studies


Anthony Trupiano

President of Trupiano & Associates

Learn how Anthony was able to create a 240% spike in health plan enrollment by improving employee participation from a mere 20% to almost 70%!


Eric Enloe

President of Centurion x Spartan Logistics

Discover the solution that Eric found for his team and how he was able to leverage significant savings to serve high-quality, nationwide care to his cross-state drivers.


Mike Arce

CEO of Loud Rumor

See what Mike was able to do to cut his premiums by over 50% and make it so he could cover 100% of the plan cost for his employees - all while offering better access to care!

Video Testimonials

Why I Chose Redirect Health for My Family and Me

Discover how our member-focused approach is changing the way people access healthcare.

What Makes Redirect Health Different

Watch to find out how business owners and brokers alike have experienced real change after starting with Redirect Health.

Our Business Saved 50% With Redirect Health

See the solution the brought these business owners away from the pains of traditional insurance with affordable care employees could use.

The Best Healthcare I’ve Had

Listen to the experience this member has once his family finally made the switch to Redirect Health.

Businesses Love Redirect Health

4.6 Member Satisfaction Rating

  • I noticed a big change in what the experience was like with our previous plan with the large insurance carriers. We had issues with cost and issues with access to care. I honestly hated healthcare before Redirect Health because I had a lot of struggles going through the healthcare system. Big issues with understanding what we had access to and how to access care. It was always very confusing. Redirect Health has made the experience easier for me and my family. We use the app. Wow, the member app is my favorite because I am so busy, and everyone is super friendly, and it’s all just instantaneous.

    - A. Krisay

    Serendipit - Owner

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Help your clients overcome affordability challenges by saving 40% or more on healthcare plans

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Help your clients overcome affordability challenges by saving 40% or more on healthcare plans

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